This guide is only applicable to LC Phone users. 
In order to sign up for SHAKEN/STIR please ensure you have completed the Business Registration Process and have been approved before continuing with this guide.


Outbound Calls Blocked or Labeled as Spam or Scam Likely

Robocalls and caller ID spoofing have become a serious problem in recent years, with the FTC estimating that Americans received 40.7 billion robocalls in 2019 alone. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created the protocols in response to the growing problem of illegal robocalls. As a result, carriers have been forced to implement authentication protocols.

What is a nuisance call label?

Customers conducting legitimate voice business might find their outbound calls labeled as ‘Scam Likely’, 'Spam', ‘Fraud Risk', 'Robo Call', or another variant, depending on the app, device, or network. Such labels can be frustrating, potentially leading to unanswered calls or even blockages.

It's essential to understand that these labels, along with any call blocks or filtering, are implemented by the recipient's carrier, their analytics partners, or the recipient themselves, not by LC Phone. Since LC Phone neither filters these calls nor adds the labels, our ability to address the issue is limited. There are steps you can take to potentially reduce or eliminate these labels and call blockages, but success isn't guaranteed.

This article details the measures you can adopt to position your business optimally against call blockages and nuisance labels.

How do I remove a nuisance label or call filtering from my Twilio phone number?

Here are some steps you can take to mitigate nuisance labels, blocked calls, or call filtering associated with your phone number:

US Numbers: Register your US numbers with the FCC.

They have a free registry site,, which liaises with major analytic companies supporting key US wireless carriers. Registering can help remove a negative label on your call.

International Numbers:

Currently, we cannot assist with nuisance labels for international numbers. We suggest contacting the terminating carrier marking your calls as spam and working with them directly.

CNAM registration:

Updating or adding CNAM might increase call answers by offering accurate caller information, though it won't affect nuisance labels. CNAM is a feature in the United States public telephone network that identifies an incoming caller by a personal or business name associated with the calling party.

Note: CNAM doesn't remove nuisance labels, but accurate caller information can enhance answer rates.

Setting up SHAKEN/STIR:

SHAKEN/STIR is a set of protocols designed to authenticate caller ID information and verify that it is coming from a legitimate source. The protocol works by using digital certificates to validate the caller's identity. When a call is made, the caller's identity is verified through these certificates, which are then stored in an online database. This ensures that when someone receives a call, they can trust that it is coming from who they think it is.

Note: SHAKEN/STIR won't remove nuisance labels but may boost answer rates due to the "Trusted Call" label.

How to Apply for SHAKEN/STIR

After submitting their Business Profile, Agency and Sub-account admins can register for SHAKEN/STIR.

1. Click on Shaken/STIR (Voice) > Click on Start Registration

Click on Shaken/STIR (Voice) > Click on Start Registration

2. Fill out Business Details, if your brand is already approved, you don't have to fill this out

Fill out Business Details, if your brand is already approved, you don't have to fill this out

3. Fill out Business Address

Fill out Business Address

4. Fill out Authorized Rep details

Fill out Authorized Rep details

5. Submit registration

Submit registration

6. You will get the success message for the submission. 

The approval might take up to 4 days.


How will phone numbers be linked to the SHAKEN/STIR Profile?

All numbers will be Linked Automatically. All current available numbers and future bought numbers will automatically be linked with the registered SHAKEN/STIR.

How can it be that even though the client is A2P and Shaken/Stir approved with a verified caller ID setup, the business name does not show up when making calls?

To display the business name, it would be the CNAM Registration, a new feature that's coming soon. The verified caller ID feature only changes the Twilio number to display as the actual business number or the client's personal cell phone.

Will registering my number fix mislabeled calls?

While registration often rectifies mislabeling, it's not foolproof. Registered numbers can still be flagged based on suspicious call patterns or consumer reports. Thus, we advise:

  • Monitoring call behavior for unusual traffic spikes.
  • Adhering to TCPA laws, FCC regulations, and our Acceptable Use Policy.

Should I register numbers I just acquired?

Absolutely. Nuisance labels aren't auto-removed when a number's previous ownership changes. Always register new numbers.

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