LC - Phone eliminates the need for using a third-party telephony provider in order to send/receive an SMS/call in the CRM. Phone Number Settings Explained here.,

With LC - Phone, sending & receiving SMS/Calls in the CRM works right out of the box!

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What is LC - Phone?

LC - Phone acts as a Telephony service provider, which has Incredible Deliverability, Error Monitoring, and Better Compliance and is much more affordable when compared to any of the Telephony service providers.

Why was this feature built?

We have developed a Phone ISV product (aka  LC - Phone System) to stop the need for agencies to signup for Twilio and integrate it into the CRM.

In the past, when an agency signed up for the CRM, they had to sign up for Twilio and integrate it into the CRM. Managing this requires relatively advanced knowledge, and not all agencies are comfortable doing it themselves. Like any other SaaS platform, the ideal solution is to have SMS/ Call work out of the box because that's how users expect a matured SaaS platform to work.
Historically, configuring Twilio has been a major challenge for new Agencies regarding getting up and running. With LC - Phone, sending & receiving SMS/calls will work right out of the box.

Why switch to LC - Phone System?

  • Out of the box with one click. Read More.
  • Increased security with Ramp ups and real-time error monitoring. Read More. 
  • Increase delivery rate with in-app features[Opt-out and SenderID addition, DND based on Error rates] Read More.
  • Better Cost with real-time billing[Quick realization of money]. 

  • Reduces friction to manage different platforms, most of the features are available in-app.

LC - Phone Pricing

Pricing is exactly the same as Twilio, with a 10% discount on select categories. As there are a lot of product categories, you can find the major categories' pricing here.

Instead of paying Twilio, agencies will be charged using the payment method in the agency Billing tab.

The charges are outlined in the agency settings. You will be able to download the transaction logs from the agency settings page to analyze further:

You can go to Agency settings -> billing tab to look at your overall Twilio usage


You can also see detailed transactions by clicking on the See Details > link


On this screen, you will see usage from all of your locations combined. You can use the export button for internal audits. Learn more about How do I analyze my Agency's Spend on LC Communications?

For each location's usage, once you are in the location Settings, go to Phone numbers > Usage Summary


How Does This Impact Affiliates?

LC - Phone eliminates one of the two major hurdles to getting up and running with the CRM, which means your new affiliates will be much more likely to find success and stick. Next up, LC - Email.


How do I migrate my agency and sub-accounts over to LC - Phone?

Follow the simple steps to move to  LC - Phone System.

Will Telehony rebilling work with LC - Phone System?

Absolutely! All agencies on the Pro Plan will continue to have the ability to re-bill telephony usage while using LC - Phone or a connected third-party telephony system. With the lower cost of LC - Phone System, there's even more margin for your agency!

My Clients require regulatory bundle verification, will it be available inside LC Phone?

We support regulatory bundles, learn more here.

In which countries are ISV available?

Twilio ISV /  LC - Phone system is available for all countries. We support regulatory bundles, learn more here

What are the costs of ISV -vs- Twilio?

 LC - Phone system costs should be the same as Twilio. Learn more here.

Do you support SHAKEN/STIR registrations?

Yes, we support SHAKEN/STIR. Register for SHAKEN/STIR to avoid the call being marked as SPAM. After submitting their Business Profile, Agency and Sub-account admins can register for SHAKEN/STIR. This is a free-of-cost service. 

How to Register your numbers with SHAKEN/STIR

Do you support CNAM registrations?

We do not support CNAM registrations, but we plan to support them by Q4'23.

Is Twilio number validation still available for ISV?

Yes, Go to the subaccount settings -> Business Info -> General

Do you support IVR/studio flow if we move to Lead Connector?

We do not support IVR, or any custom flows builtin within Twilio Studio. Please vote for this on the idea list here

Is the LC phone system HIPAA compliant?

We have a signed BAA with Twilio for HIPAA compliance. As long as you have our HIPAA compliance package you should be good to go!

If a client switches from Twilio to LC, will call recordings for subaccounts be lost?

Please note that the prompt before switching states, “Call recordings might get lost,” but rest assured that the recordings will still be archived in your Twilio account. The call recordings will not transfer over. However, the recordings will remain available in the customer’s Twilio account. They can be manually downloaded from Twilio for safekeeping if necessary.

How to Migrate an Agency and Sub-Account to LC - Phone?

Regulatory Bundle and Address Creation for Sub-Accounts

Toll-Free Number Registration for LC - Phone (US/Canada)

LC - Phone Messaging Policy

LC - Phone Pricing Structure