With the introduction of our new subscription plan for the Prospecting tool, users may have questions about the features available in the Free versus Premium Reports. Are the premium features worth exploring, or can agencies benefit from the free plan? Let's explore the key differences and value propositions of both plans.


Free vs Premium Reports - What's the Difference?

Below is a detailed breakdown on what is available in both Free Vs Premium Plan to help you get the most out of our Prospecting Tool.

Key Features in Free Reports
Below is a detailed breakdown on what is available in both Free Vs Premium Plan to help you get the most out of our Prospecting Tool.
The Free tier plan allows for upto 50 reports to be generated everyday.

  1. Business Reviews Analysis:

    • This section analyses and presents insights into the Facebook and Google Business Profile (GBP) reviews of the prospect's business. It provides an overview of customer sentiment and reputation across these platforms.

  2. Business Listings Overview:

    • The Business Listings section offers a comprehensive view of the prospect's visibility across popular listings and directories. It highlights where the business is discoverable by end users, aiding in assessing online presence.
      Detailed Listing Details Breakdown
  3. Business Critical Information Evaluation:

    • This part of the report assesses critical business information that impacts marketing strategies:
      • GBP Claim Status: Indicates whether the Google Business Profile is claimed by the prospect, affecting online credibility and visibility.
      • Review Reply Rate: Analyses how actively the prospect engages with customer reviews, reflecting customer relationship management.
      • Presence of Business Website: Identifies if Prospect has a Business website indicating its presence in the digital realm
      • Presence of Chat Widget: Identifies if the prospect's website features a chat widget, indicating readiness for customer engagement.
      • Text-Enabled Business Number: Highlights whether the business utilises a text-enabled phone number, facilitating direct communication with customers.
  4. Easy Search Functionality:

    • The Easy Search feature simplifies the prospecting process by centralising prospect discovery, management, and outreach. Users can efficiently find and engage with potential clients using this streamlined tool.

Key Features in Premium Report

  1. SEO Analysis:

    • The SEO Analysis section provides a detailed overview of the prospect's search engine optimisation (SEO) performance. This includes a heat map comparison of business rankings in neighbouring locations compared to competitors. By visually representing SEO effectiveness through heat maps, users can identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement to enhance local search visibility.
  2. Website Performance Insights:

    • Gain detailed insights into the website's performance metrics, including:
      • Website Speed: Evaluate how quickly the website loads, which is critical for user experience and SEO.
      • Core Web Vitals: Assess core web vital metrics such as Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), which impact user experience and search engine rankings.
      • Mobile vs. Desktop Health Report: Compare the website's performance and usability on mobile devices versus desktops, identifying optimisation needs for different platforms.

  3. POC Details (Point of Contact):

    • Access free prospect contact information and key business insights to facilitate deal initiation. This includes contact details of relevant decision-makers (based on availability) and additional business context to help users initiate meaningful conversations and establish connections.
  4. More Reports with Premium Plan:

    • Agencies leveraging our Premium Plan can generate additional reports daily, empowering them to conduct in-depth analyses and serve more clients efficiently. Unlock the full potential of our platform by upgrading to the Premium Plan and expanding your prospecting capabilities.

Which plan is right for you?

When deciding between the Free and Premium plans for our Prospecting tool, agencies should consider their specific needs and objectives. The Free plan provides essential features such as basic reports and prospecting capabilities, making it suitable for initial exploration and limited usage. However, agencies looking to maximise their prospecting efforts and unlock advanced functionalities should opt for the Premium plan.

The Premium plan offers significant value with enhanced features like unlimited premium reports, detailed SEO and website performance insights, contact details for prospects, and more. These additional capabilities empower agencies to conduct in-depth analyses, target high-potential prospects, and streamline client outreach effectively.

Ultimately, the choice between Free and Premium plans depends on the agency's goals and desired level of engagement. For agencies seeking comprehensive prospecting tools and advanced analytics, upgrading to the Premium plan is highly recommended to leverage the full potential of our Prospecting tool and drive business growth.

Agencies receive 5 Freemium reports every month. Explore our product offerings to make an informed decision!