Navigating through the intricate details of marketing audit reports just became more manageable and client-friendly with our PDF download option. Tailored for marketing agencies, this feature ensures that your team can effortlessly convert and share insightful marketing audit reports with clients, providing a seamless way to discuss, analyze, and strategize based on comprehensive data. Not only does this facilitate a smoother communication channel between your agency and clients, but it also enhances the archival and retrieval of vital marketing data, ensuring your strategies are always backed by accessible and well-documented insights.


Features and Benefits

  • Easy Export: Seamlessly convert your reports into PDF format for effortless sharing and presentation.

  • Professional Sharing: Present your marketing audit findings in a polished, easily readable PDF format, enhancing the professionalism of your reports.
  • Archival: Archive your reports conveniently for future reference, ensuring you always have access to past findings.

How to Use

  • Navigate to the Prospecting tab.

  • Locate the "PDF Download" option adjacent to previously generated prospect reports.

  • Click "PDF Download" to initiate the export process.
  • For new marketing audit reports, find the 'Export PDF' option at the top right.

  • Your report will be saved as a PDF file on your device, primed for sharing and storage.


Q: What is the main advantage of the PDF Download option?

A: The PDF Download option allows for easy exportation of marketing audit reports, facilitating simple sharing, archiving, and presentation of findings to clients and team members.

Q: How do I access this feature?

A: You can find the "PDF Download" option in the Prospecting tab, located near all the prospect reports you've previously generated.

Q: Can I use this feature for new marketing audit reports?

A: Yes, when generating a new marketing audit report for a prospect, you can find the 'Export PDF' option at the top right of the page.

Q: Why is the PDF format beneficial for marketing audit reports?

A: PDFs offer a standardized format that maintains the layout and design of the report, ensuring that it appears consistent across different devices and platforms. This makes it ideal for sharing, presenting, and archiving.

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