We are excited to introduce a new level of customization and control within the client portal through our latest feature: App Permissions. This update allows users to tailor their app permissions according to their specific needs and preferences, including the ability to choose their default page upon logging in.


How to Customise App Permissions

Accessing App Permissions

  • Navigate to Client Portal Settings: Log into your client portal and locate the settings menu. Here, you will find a new option titled "App Permissions."
  • Select "App Permissions": Click on this option to view and modify your app permissions.

Enabling/Disabling Apps

  • Review Available Apps: Within the App Permissions section, you'll see a list of all available apps and features associated with your portal.
  • Toggle Permissions: Use the toggle switch next to each app to enable or disable it. Disabling an app will remove its functionality and visibility from your client portal interface.

Setting Your Default Page

  • Find the Default Page Option: Within the same App Permissions area, look for the option to select your default page.
  • Choose Your Preferred Page: From the dropdown menu, select the page you wish your users to see immediately upon logging into the client portal.


Q: Can I change my default page later? A: Absolutely. You can revisit the App Permissions settings at any time to adjust your default page or make other modifications to your app permissions.

Q: What happens if I disable a feature I frequently use by accident? A: If you disable a feature accidentally, you can easily re-enable it by going back to the App Permissions settings and toggling the feature back on.