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The new client portal dashboard gives you an overview of users invited/joined in the client portal and allows you to take certain actions like generating a magic link,Inviting a user to client portal or sending them login information via email

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Client Portal URL
You can copy client portal url and send it to your clients. This URL is updated based on your custom domain selection

Invited Users Vs Joined Users

The invited users shows you the count of users that has been invited to the client portal by selecting the invite option from the action menu

Joined users are the actual number of users who have joined your client portal

Magic links will let your contacts directly log in to the client portal without needing them to log in. Magic links are useful when you send them over email or messages.

Note Magic links are generated at per contact level ,if you want to use magic links as emails with workflow triggers please use the custom values available that will automatically fetch the required data and build the magic link.

Action 2- Invite to client Portal

You can invite new users to client portal by clicking on the invite action.You can either invite and already existing contact or enter an email address. The invitation will go from your default domain

Action 3- Login Email

login email sends an automatic email to your contacts with a quick login button.Your  clients can use the login button in the email to login to the client portal with requiring them to enter their password

Note: You can select multiple contacts and send them login email together