Moving numbers to an LC Phone Sub-account from the client's own Twilio account:

1. Please provide the Location ID to our support which you are trying to move the Twilio number(s) to so we can identify the ISV account's Account SID for you

2. Create a support ticket with Twilio support 

Subject: Moving numbers request

3. CCs: copy and paste this email

click add ( + ) so we can approve your request.


Hi Twilio Support, 
I would like to move the following phone numbers to a new sub-account - 
Losing sub-account SID -  
E.g. AC8a0eac4ea7651eba06137bbf1a907df62d < Replace your own Twilio sub-account SID here where the number is currently in 
Gaining sub-account SID -  
please contact HighLevel support to get the ISV location's Twilio sub-account SID for you
Time-frame: ASAP 
Please process this request at the earliest because it is business-critical for me 

Product: Phone numbers

Business Impact:

P2 Degraded - Twilio or your configuration is not functioning properly or intermittently

4. Once all details above are filled out and cc'ed, Click on Submit

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