With Workflows, you can add Facebook Conversion event actions in automation to send conversion data back to Facebook without anyone being cookied by a Facebook pixel!


"Which initial Workflow Triggers can I use the FB Conversions event with?"

The Facebook Conversions API trigger event works with the following initial Workflow Triggers: Form Submitted, Survey Submitted, Customer Booked Appointment, and Order Form Submission.

, "For an appointment, it will only work with "Customer Booked appointment," not with "appointment," as appointments are the general triggers and "Customer Booked appointment" is the trigger for the widget; click" here to learn more.

"Which Event Details Parameters do we need to use"?

Event Source URL

"Which Customer Information Parameters can we use"?

Client IP address - do not hash

Client user agent - do not hash

Email Address

First Name


Browser ID (fbp) cookie – do not hash

Click ID (fbc) cookie – do not hash

"Can I use Custom Values for the Access Token and Pixel Id"?

Yes, Custom Values will work in those fields.

"Why don't I see test events in Facebook Business Manager"?

If you don't see a test conversion, check the Diagnostics tab for any errors. A common issue we've seen is when FB has blocked the domain, so check Settings > Scroll to the bottom to "Domains In Your Allow List," where you can approve the domain.can 

"Does the 'Test Workflow' button work with testing FB conversions"?

As of a recent update, we now support the Test Workflow button to test FB Conversion API workflows.

"Why is Facebook reporting the conversion as "Custom Event" when I selected "Lead"?

This happens when you send test data (we're not sure why Facebook does this), but it will show "Lead" when you run a live conversion. "