Live Chat = Free Leads!

Installing the HighLevel Live Chat widget on client websites is one of the easiest ways to generate leads without the need for ad-spend.

Where traditional live chat often results in a bad user experience due to lengthy response times, the HighLevel chat widget excels as it opens up a 2-way SMS chat, freeing the user to leave the website but continue the conversation!

How to add the HighLevel Chat Widget to Websites and Funnels

How to add a chat widget to a Wordpress website

How to trigger a notification for new chats

Once you have a chat widget set up, you'll want to configure a Trigger to send a notification when a conversation is initiated via the chat widget. To do this, the trigger event should be "Customer Replied" with a filter for "Reply Channel" set to "Chat Widget" like this: 

Then on the Actions side, you'd want to either "Send Email" and/or "Send SMS". Tip: use the "Message Body" custom value in your notification email/text to display the message that the user entered into the chat widget.