Here's a list of countries supported with Twilio:

If the country you want is on the list but not on Highlevel, you can buy the number through the Twilio console for the location. 

If you are on LC phone, please reach out to HighLevel support. If the number is not available in the Twilio console, you can submit the Private Offering Form or request a ticket with Twilio support.

Learn more about setting up the bundle/address when requesting a Twilio number

Private offerings Example:

Here's a case where we can request a number for Norway:

Twilio currently does not have these numbers in stock, they can place a number order with the Inventory Team:


Norway Mobile SMS ($12 Monthly) - Expected Delivery 1-2 Weeks

Norway Toll-Free Voice ($25 Monthly) - Expected Delivery 2-4 Weeks

Norway Local Voice ($3 Monthly) - Expected Delivery 2-3 Weeks


We will need to provide the following information:

- The SID of the Account to be associated with the number

- The SID of the Bundle to be associated with the number

- The SID of the address to be associated with the number

- Required prefix for the number (if you have a specific prefix you’d like)

- Quantity of phone numbers (and type) to purchase


For help finding your Bundle or Address SID, please see: How to find a BU SID or an AD SID


If you need to create a Regulatory bundle, please see: How to submit a regulatory bundle for Phone Number Regulatory Compliance


Here is also more information on Norway Regulatory Requirements. 


Twilio support generally reviews the submission within 3 business days. Once your documents have passed review, let them know so they can place an order for you for the phone number.


1. How to get a mobile number in France for two-way SMS?

Please vote up for this idea Twilio Alphanumeric Sender ID functionality to allow that!