The Email Marketing section has two areas: Email Templates and Email Campaigns. Email Templates are reusable layouts almost like presets when you can build emails for specific purposes (e.g. a newsletter). The Email Campaigns area is where you choose an Email Template to use, customize it as needed, and then schedule the email to be sent to a specific recipients either individually, using a smart list, or through contact tags.

You can also reuse campaigns by cloning them when sending at a later date while still maintaining the ability to customize the email before it is sent.

A template is a preset layout with which you can build your campaign.

You can also create your own template to match your brand. You can insert regularly used images, videos, logos, or recurring content into your template, and reuse it for future campaigns.

A campaign is the email message you design and send to your specific contacts or a smart list.

After you select a template, you'll design your campaign on top of the template layout. In Email Builder, you can duplicate, delete, and rearrange different types of element blocks quickly.