Common errors in agency settings

Maximum numbers reached for a sub-account:

If you are on trial with Twilio, you can only have one subaccount. Once you upgraded to Twilio, the maximum number of subaccounts will be 1000 subaccounts. Closed subaccounts do not count toward this limit.

If your upgraded project is approaching 1000 subaccounts, please contact Twilio Support to ask about raising this limit.

Common Unsuccessful SMS errors in Conversation

For more information about why your SMS was unsuccessful, please click the ⚠️(red triangle) icon  to view more details:

Common errors:

Links mentioned above:
- ErrorCode: 3XXXX7 - How to check message logs here

- ErrorCode: 3XXX2 / Authenticate - Check out Why your account is suspended


You can try to enable geo permission here. However, to guarantee two-way messaging (receiving incoming messages from end-users), you must use a number from the same country as your recipient.

It's best to buy a phone number for the country your contact is in and use that as the default one. And delete the old default Twilio number.

Since the current leads will be stuck with the original Twilio number as explained here:

If you want to keep the original Twilio number, you can assign the phone number to the user, then assign the lead to the user, then you will be able to send from the new number.

Another way is to recreate the contact.

More information: