In this article, we will cover integrating QuickBooks into your CRM software. This saves you from having to manually enter data into your CRM every time a contact is created in QuickBooks. 

Once connected all new contacts will be added to your CRM and automatically be sent a review request upon payment.

What does the QuickBooks integration do:

  • Syncs all new contacts that are created in QuickBooks.
  • Sends review upon QuickBooks payment in HighLevel without any automation (only on the first invoice!

Please Note:

- Once the integration has been established only NEW leads will be added as contacts to your location. It may take up to 5 mins before you see the new contact in the CRM

- To add older Quickbook contacts to the CRM please export them first then add them to the system via CSV

How to Integrate QuickBooks

Head into your settings > integrations > Click on the "QB Connect" button > Login 

Make sure to accept all permissions > hit the "connect" button


There is a check box that shows up under the QuickBooks Icon integration. Asking if you want to auto send review