Triggers are conditional statements (similar to Zaps in Zapier) that connect all the different modules of HighLevel together

Think of triggers as the wiring or 'secret sauce' in the back-end making all the cool things HighLevel does actually happen


Let's say you have set up a Zap in Zapier to push leads into a HighLevel campaign when they fill out a form embedded in a ClickFunnels landing page. You also want to send an SMS notification to your client to let them know when this happens (the equivalent to letting them know they have a new lead)

How would we do this?

Answer: Set up a trigger!

Create, Name and Activate Triggers

Follow the steps below to create, name and activate a trigger:

  1. Click Triggers
  2. Click + New Basic Rule
  3. Choose a trigger from the Choose a trigger dropdown and add all the necessary filters
  4. Click +Add action
  5. Choose an action from the Choose a action dropdown and all the necessary filters
  6. Name the Trigger in the Trigger name field
  7. Click the Draft dropdown and click Activate