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Payment Verification Process in Funnels (Version 2)

How Authorization works

Authorization Setup

Payment Verification Process in Funnels
(Version 2)

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How Authorization works:

  • This is not turned on by default  and will require a couple quick extra steps, covered below
  • The system will remove the monetary value placed in the "authorize amount" from the clients bank account before crediting it back later.
  • If the account does not have the funds during the authorization process, they will not be allowed to continue to the next step.
  • Upon authorization approval the system will credit back the account for the amount used to authorize.
  • If you have any "Trial days" attached to the plan those will also kick in as soon as the card is authorized.
  • Funds may take up to 5 business days before being return to the clients bank account
  • ONLY works with Subscriptions and Payment plans.


If you would like to authorize payment before purchase for all your plans, this process will need to be repeated for each plan attached to the payment form.

Authorization Setup

1. Click on Products

Head into your funnel step where the order form is placed, click on products. 

Please note if you are not seeing any products attached to your page, you will need add them first before continuing. 

Click on Products

2. Click on "Edit" icon

This will open the product settings. In this example there are two plans (monthly $149 & Annual $1490) where "Authorization" will need to be turned on.

First we will start with plan 1 (monthly $149) then come back and repeat this process for plan 2 (Annual plan $1490).

Click on "Edit" icon

3. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Additional Options>"

Scroll to the bottom and click on "Additional Options>"

4. Click on the input field "Custom Authorization" and add your amount

Please Note:

Keep in mind the amount you place here will be deducted from the clients account. If the funds are unavailable they will not be able to proceed. 

In this example: The system will take "$1" out of the clients account and then refund the "$1" back.

The refund process may take up to 5 business days before returning the amount taken. 

ONLY works with Subscriptions and Payment plans.

The number should be: 
equal to or more than 1, 
number of decimals should be just two. 
Should NOT be a negative number

5. Click on "Save"

Make sure to hit "Save", that's it.