Troubleshooting When email replies are not coming back to the Conversation

1. Check if Mailgun Receiving Route is set up:

How to setup Replies in MailGun

2. How to check MX records

The MX record is essential for Mailgun to track the replies tracking.  

1. Switch to agency view > Settings > Email Services > Location Settings > Copy the domain/subdomain set up for the sub-account 

2. Go to Mxtoolbox to look up the MX record for the subdomain/domain you copied

Depending on the subdomain you set up with Mailgun, 

  • For example:
  • see if there are two records pointing to and
  • If they are missing, We will need to add back and and set priority 10 for both MX records.

If it's still not working, please share a screenshot of all the DNS record in your domain provider and reach out to our support here (godaddy, namecheap, etc) 


3. Check if you are using the Root domain with Gsuite and Mailgun


If you are setting up a root domain to use with Mailgun, Make sure it is not pointing to somewhere else like Gsuite as it might contradict Gsuite or Outlook where you are using the same domain for work emails. More information on Can I Use the Same Domain Name for Mailgun and for Google Apps (Or Another Email Server)? 

If you use the Mxtoolbox to look up the MX record for the root domain and it is pointing to Mailgun as shown in the screenshot below as well as other email servers (e.g. Gsuite). We can only choose either one here so you will need to either set up a subdomain for Mailgun or don't use the domain for other email servers like (e.g. Gsuite)


4. Double-check DNS records

Log in to Mailgun
1. Expand Sending tab
2. Click the last menu item Domain Settings
3. Make sure you select the correct domain/subdomain for the location on top
4. Click DNS records on the top middle
5. Click Verify DNS settings and see if all 5 DNS records, especially the MX record have a green checkmark?

Sometimes it might show if they have all green checkmarks but it might not be the case, you will need to click the Verify DNS Settings button again to refresh the record: 

5. If you are using an SMTP provider instead of Mailgun

6. If you are using WIX as your Domain DNS provider

Checkout Mailgun replies not working when using WIX as the domain provider