To set up ActiveProspect consent tracking on a HighLevel form:

  1. Build your form as you normally would
  2. Create a Custom Short Text Field called 'xxTrustedFormCertUrl' > drag the field into your form above the submit button
  3. Save the form > Click 'Integrate Form' button > Click 'Link' tab > Copy form url and open in another Google Chrome tab (you will come back to this tab after step 4)
  4. Drag an HTML field into the form below the button > select the HTML field > click 'Edit Script' button > copy/paste the Custom Script below (don't save yet)
  5. Go back to the tab you opened in Step 3 > right-click the page and select 'Inspect' > choose the mouse pointer > click the xxTrustedFormCertUrl field > copy its ID
  6. Go back to the form/Edit Script modal and replace FORMID in both instances with the ID you copied > Save
  7. Copy the Custom CSS below > Open the Styles Tab > paste into the Custom CSS field > change the number in parenthesis to correspond with the position of the xxTrustedFormCertUrl field in your form.
  8. Save form


Custom CSS:

.menu-field-wrap:nth-child(4) {
display: none;

Custom Script:

<script type="text/javascript">
  (function() {
      var field = 'xxTrustedFormCertUrl';
      var provideReferrer = false;
      var invertFieldSensitivity = false;
      var tf = document.createElement('script');
      tf.type = 'text/javascript'; tf.async = true;
      tf.src = 'http' + ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 's' : '') +
        '://' + escape(provideReferrer) + '&field=' + escape(field) + '&l='+new Date().getTime()+Math.random() + '&invert_field_sensitivity=' + invertFieldSensitivity;
      var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(tf, s); }
function trustedFormCertUrlCallback(certificateUrl) {
    document.getElementsByName('FORMID')[0].value = certificateUrl; 
  document.getElementsByName('FORMID')[0].dispatchEvent(new Event("input"));
    <img src="" />