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How to enable Call Recording

In the agency view, Click on Click here to switch on the top left to go inside the sub-account

Click on Click here to switch

Once you are in the subaccount, click on Settings (bottom left)

Click on Phone Numbers

Click on Phone Numbers

Click on the Edit icon to the Twilio number you want to enable Call recording for

Click on highlight

Check the checkbox for Call recording (Default message: This call will be recorded for quality assurance)

Check on

You could put a few spaces here so it will not announce anything, depending on the regulation where you live if that's allowed.

However, for workflow action Call steps, we will still announce the call recording message.

Drag highlighted element

Click on Update to save the changes.

Click on Update

Calls Not Recording

In order for calls to record, each HighLevel location must have its own corresponding Twilio sub-account. If you use your master Twilio SID and Auth Key for any sub-account, the calls will not record.

Calls Not Loading

It keeps loading because of some Twilio configuration that makes the call recording encrypted. Please check this article and see if you can disable this option Enforce HTTP Auth on Media URLs

Below are the steps to disable this option Enforce HTTP Auth on Media URLs:

Login to Twilio Console here

Go to the top right -> Click Account -> Click Subaccounts

If there are too many subaccounts inside Twilio, you can go back to HL and copy the Account SIN for that location to search in Twilio:

Now go back to Twilio with the copied Account SID

Search based on the Twilio Subaccount SID in HighLevel agency settings -> Twilio
Paste the Account SID here and click on it:

Click into the subaccount so you will see there's an orange text on the top left:

Access the General SMS Settings page in Twilio Console.

Scroll to the "Enforce HTTP Auth on Media URLs" section, and then select Enable.

Click Save.

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