Websites can be one of the best products to offer your clients because they dramatically increase client retention. 

In this presentation we cover why websites are a great product for you to sell, three opportunities to look for when selling websites, and some common pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Website Audit

As mentioned in the presentation, a website audit that you can run potential website clients through is a great sales tool. Here are some ideas for audit questions: 

  • Does the page load quickly? (Use or
  • Does the site look good on a phone?
  • Is there a clear value statement heading above the fold?
  • Is there a call to action above the fold?
  • Does the site contain all critical business info?
  • Are all fonts easy to read?
  • Does site have unique imagery?
  • Is there 20px of spacing between elements?
  • Are elements evenly spaced?
  • Does the site have trust symbols/testimonials?

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