Users can seamlessly import templates from Kajabi by simply sending it in an email from Kajabi to our dynamically generated email ID in just a few steps.
Why We Did It?
Simplicity: We wanted to ensure a straightforward importing flow that can be easily followed by both technical and non-technical users.
Reusability: Providing the option to reuse already created templates from Kajabi enhances efficiency and saves valuable time.
How to Import?
  1. Navigate to Email Marketing -> Templates in your account.
  2. Click on 
    New -> Import 
  1. Select 
     from the dropdown menu.
  1. Copy the dynamically generated email ID provided.
  1. Send the desired template as a test email or campaign to this email ID from your Kajabi account.
  2. Click on 
     to start the import.
  3. Specify the desired name for this Template and click on 
    "Create Template"