This video and document review common A2P or Toll-Free Number registration failures. Below we will walk through each common reason and explore how to fix them so you can get back to LevelingUp your business!

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Common Reasons for Failed Registrations 

The following are common Toll-Free or A2P Registration failure reasons and how to fix them. The most common reasons for failure are:

  1. Opt-In Information Provided
  2. Forbidden Use Cases
  3. Not Updating Examples Provided
  4. In-Accurate Company Information
  5. Broken/Inactive Links

Additional A2P Registration failure reasons can be found here.

Additional Toll-Free Registration failure reasons can be found here.

How to Fix Each Rejection Reason

Below we will dive into each rejection reason and how to fix it.

Opt-In Information Provided

Review the following tips with the client and implement any missing or incorrect information.

Live Site

A live and operational website is a requirement for registration. The site must have a place for a contact to opt-in to receiving messages from you. See below for what should be included in this opt-in flow.

Site Footer

The website is required to have Terms of Service (also called Terms of Use) and Privacy Policy links to the footer of all pages including the home page. 

Opt-In Form

Contacts must fill out an opt-in form. This form must include:

  • An opt-in checkbox for Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy with links to both your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

  • An opt-in checkbox to be messaged by your business to the number given.

  • Direction on how the contact can opt-out

The form can be for account creation, appointment scheduling, newsletter sign-up, or anything else related to your company. What matters is that contacts are presented with a clear way to opt-in to receive messages from your business.

Example Verbiage for Checkbox for consent to message and Terms of Service and Privacy Policy opt-in:

✅I agree to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy provided by HighLevel.

✅I agree to receive marketing messaging from COMPANY_NAME at the phone number provided above. I understand I will receive 2 messages a month, data rates may apply, reply STOP to opt out

*Be sure to replace “HighLevel” with your Business Name.

*Be sure you hyperlink your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Add an Optional Promotional Checkbox to Opt-In Form

If you desire to send them additional news, feature updates, discounts, offers, or other unrelated promotional offers, add an OPTIONAL (not required) check box. If you will not be sending them promotional offers, then you do not have to include this.

Again, this must be an optional checkbox field, do not set it to be a required field. See how to add a custom field checkbox here.

Example Verbiage for Additional Checkbox:

        ✅“I want to receive news, feature updates, discounts, and offers from HighLevel.”

        *Be sure to replace “HighLevel” with your Business Name.

Forbidden Use Cases

Some businesses will not be able to register for a campaign as they may not be allowed to send SMS or MMS in compliance with new texting laws. For example, a Cannabis Company will not be approved for a campaign SMS/MMS for A2P in the United States. 

If a company falls into one of these categories or use cases, they are unable to register a campaign.

Forbidden Use Case Categories Include:

  • High-risk financial services

  • Third-party lead generation services

  • Debt collection or forgiveness

  • "Get rich quick" schemes

  • Gambling

  • Illegal substances

  • "S.H.A.F.T." use cases (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco)

Learn more and see all of the Forbidden message categories for SMS and MMS in the US and Canada here.

Not Updating Examples Provided

Go High Level provides examples during the registration process. Please note that not updating the placeholder information will result in a failure. Be sure to review each message in detail and add YOUR business phone number, website links, business name, etc. The information should be an exact example, with your business information, being sent to a customer.

In-Accurate Company Information

Incorrect business information will lead to a rejection. For example, if the name of your company on your CP 575 is different from the name provided on the A2P registration. 

Authorized Representative

The authorized representative must be linked to a valid personal cell phone number. A Google Voice Number or similar VoIP number is not allowed.

Be sure to take the time to review your information in detail, updating any inaccuracies.

Provided examples of opt-ins, websites, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, need to be working, and active links. If examples result in a 404 error, it will cause your submission to be rejected. Links provided need to be to your website and not that of another company. 

Test each of your links to ensure they are fully functional and do not result in an error.


Where can I get my own Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions?

It is always our recommendation to seek legal counsel by hiring a lawyer to write your legal documentation. Many of our customers have also sought out templates and other services like Termly, Rocket Lawyer, or Termsfeed to generate them. Others ask ChatGPT to create one for them. Again, hiring a lawyer is the only way to ensure proper compliance when creating Terms and Conditions as well as a Privacy Policy.

How do I Use the “T & C” Form Element?

The funnel and website builders include a “T & C” Form element that can be used to link your terms and service and/or privacy policy. 

You can edit the terms and conditions link but selecting the text and then clicking the three vertical dots in the editor and selecting the edit link icon.

Note: Opt-in consent message and checkbox must be separated from the T&C/Privacy Policy consent and checkbox.

How do I create a custom field checkbox for Opt-Ins?

A custom field checkbox can be added to a form or survey.. When adding this element click “Custom Fields” and then create a new field. Select “Checkbox, add your verbiage, then save.  If you need to edit the content of this checkbox, you will need to navigate to Sub-Account settings > Custom Fields > Search and field the custom field > edit.

What is a CP 575?

A CP 575 is the official document sent to you from the IRS. When submitting your A2P brand registration be sure the company name is identical to what is on the letter. Do not use any DBA or leave off any commas. These names in the CP 575 may also include ‘LLC’ which would also need to be included in the A2P brand registration. 

If you do not have a CP 575 request one from the IRS or register a Toll-Free Number or your A2P as a Sole Proprietor.