We're excited to introduce the "Featured Posts" feature, designed to help Admins and Owners make important content stand out in channels and on your home timeline. This feature provides you with greater control over what content gets noticed.

How to Mark a Post as Featured

  • Find the post you want to feature.
  • Click on the three dots menu (⋮) located on the post.
  • Select the "Pin" option.

Your chosen post is now marked as "Featured" and will receive special attention.

Where Featured Posts Appear

Featured posts are prominently displayed at both the channel level and on your home timeline.

  • Channel Level

When you mark a post as featured in a channel, it will automatically appear at the very top of that channel's content feed. This way, all members will see it first when they visit the channel.

  • Home Timeline

Similarly, marking a post as featured in the Home Timeline will ensure that it's placed right at the top of your home feed. This ensures that even on your main dashboard, your important content gets the attention it deserves.

How to Unpin a Featured Post

Changed your mind or need to unfeature a post? It's easy!

  • Locate the featured post you want to unpin.
  • Click the three dots menu (⋮) on the post.
  • Select the "Unpin" option.

The post will no longer be featured, but it will still be available in its original location.