Wondering which each customer status means on the referral page of your Affiliate portal or First promoter? This document will explain each status when tracking and following up with your affiliate leads.


Where can I find the Referral page?

In both First Promoter and the Affiliate Portal click Referrals at the top of the dashboard.

1. Click on Affiliate Portal

2. Click on Referrals at the top of the dashboard.

Click on Referrals

Note: You can now see the First name of your Refferals in this view as well!

Your Referral Categories

  • All
  • Lead
  • Free/Trial
  • Paying
  • Canceled


This shows all your affiliate customers from every referral category.


These are customers that have only completed step one of the free trial sign-up.

Free / Trial  

These customers have completed the sign-up, and they have active go HighLevel accounts on a free trial

These customers will have a status that says Not A customer yet. This means they are in trial and will become a customer when they pay their first subscription.


These are your current active affiliate customers who are paying a HighLevel subscription. You are earning a commission on these customers every time they renew their subscription!

Note: You will only earn a commission on customers who pay thier subscriptions. If customers pause, cancel, or request a refund you will not get a commission for those customers.


These customers have canceled HighLevel subscriptions. You are currently not getting a commission on these customers. When these customers renew their subscription they will switch back to the paying category.

Note: There is a bug where sometimes affiliate customers will cancel a Marketplace Service and the affiliate software will temporarily mark them as “cancelled”. As soon as they make their next payment for HighLevel, their account will show as “Active” again in your account. We are aware of this problem and working on a fix. Please reach out to Support if you need any help clarifying your cancelled customers.