Sent your affiliate link to a new HighLevel customer but don't know where to check if they are under you?  Here we will show you all the steps you can take to find your affiliate customer!

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Log into HighLevel to view your Affiliate Dashboard!

Note if you do not have a Active HighLevel Agency you can follow along by logging into first promoter here: 

1. Click on Affiliate Portal

2. Start on your Affiliate Dashboard

3. Click on Referrals

Your Default View for your referrals page will be the "All" Tab. Here all your customers will show that you referred to HighLevel.

4. Leads

Leads are customers who filled out the first part of the HighHevel sign-up form but did not complete the form to create an account.

Note: If you cannot find a lead/customer that you expected to find in this area, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance. Find ways to contact our 24/7 Support Team at

5. Click on Free / Trial

These are your referral customers that are currently in your trial period and have a HighLevel Account.

6. Paying & Cancelled

The Paying Tab is your current referral customer with an active subscription. The Cancelled Tab is for your referral customers who no longer have any active subscriptions on their account.

Super Charged SaaS Campaign

Got an email stating that you have a reward/commission from the Super Charged SaaS Campaign? To see that reward/customer you need to "View another Campaign"

(This is also a good place to check if a customer "disappeared" from your HighLevel Affiliate Program view after upgrading)

1. Click "View Campaign" under Supercharged SaaS Program

(These are your customers that upgraded to the 497/month also known as the SaaS plan or Pro plan. They will be moved over to this campaign.)

2. Click on Referrals

Click referrals and check if your customer can be found under the tabs shown here!

3. Referral tabs in the Supercharged SaaS Program

The Supercharged SaaS program campaign shows the same tabs under referrals as the HighLevel Affiliate Program Campaign

Finding Commission in the Rewards tab!

Click on "Rewards" to view your earned commissions.

Commissions earned from the HighLevel $497 Proplan will be placed in the Super Charged SaaS Program Campaign. Click "View another campaign" to see those Commissions


Q: I referred an existing customer to HighLevel pro. Why aren't they showing in my referrals?

A: When you refer an existing customer to HighLevel Pro they become a split customer. They will not show in your referrals because you are not the original affiliate that brought them to HighLevel. However, when they pay their subscription for Highlevel pro you will see the commission from that customer in your rewards tab along with that customer's email.

If you want to confirm that you are a split affiliate for a customer you referred to pro. Reach out to support, with the link above!

Want to learn more about the Referrals tab? 

Click here for a more detailed explanation about each tab!

Still can't find your referral? Click here to contact support and get more help!