The Optimize Experience section of your Agency Settings is where you can control features we use to gather feedback, educate new users, and notify users.

By default, these will be enabled so you will need to disable these if you would like to have them turned off.

Covered in this article:

Where to enable or disable the Optimized Experience

What each Optimized Experience includes

Where to enable or disable the Optimized Experience

Head into Agency settings > Click on Company > Scroll down > Toggle each setting you wish to enable or disable

What each Optimized Experience includes

NPS Surveys

NPS Surveys are pop-up surveys that are occasionally used to gather feedback about new features in order to continually improve the app's UI/UX. The surveys are always white-labeled and never mention HighLevel or its branding.

Product Guides

These are pop-up guides that showcase when new features have been added to the platform. These help clients discover new features and assist with engagement, which increases their experience within the platform-
When you click inside the pop-up there will be step-by-step instructions on how to set up or use the new feature!

Daily Updates

Daily updates are white-labeled email notifications that get sent out to end users notifying them of important things like new reviews so they can reply as quickly as possible. 
These updates will evolve into a "daily snapshot report", which will contain information about new reviews, average response time, etc. 

Beta Features

Early access to major feature upgrades across all accounts. Experiment with our latest and greatest features before they’re available to everyone.