Understanding the different opportunity statuses and how to update them empowers users to efficiently manage their sales workflow and maximize conversion rates. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of updating opportunity statuses in GoHighLevel, while also covering the differences between the various statuses and how to leverage them effectively.

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Understanding Opportunity Statuses:

  1. Open:

    • Opportunities with the "Open" status are actively being pursued and are still in progress.

    • These opportunities represent potential deals that have not yet been won, lost, or abandoned and are still viable for conversion.

  2. Won:

    • The "Won" status indicates that the opportunity has been successfully converted into a sale or deal.
    • This status is applied when the lead has made a purchase or signed a contract, resulting in revenue generation for the business.

  3. Lost:

    • Opportunities with the "Lost" status represent deals that have been unsuccessfully concluded.
    • This status is applied when the lead decides not to move forward with the purchase or chooses a competitor's offering.

  4. Abandoned:

    • The "Abandoned" status indicates that the opportunity has been neglected or disregarded, either by the lead or by the sales team.
    • This status is applied when there is no further action or follow-up planned for the opportunity, and it is effectively removed from active consideration.

Step-by-Step Guide: Updating Opportunity Status

Step 1: Accessing the Opportunities Section

Log in to your GoHighLevel account.

Navigate to the "Opportunities" section from the sidebar menu.

Step 2: Locating the Opportunity to Update

Once you're in the Opportunities section, locate the opportunity whose status you wish to update.

You can use search filters or browse through the list of opportunities to find the specific one you need to modify.

Step 3: Updating the Status

Option 1: 

  1. Click on the opportunity card to open its details page.

  2. Alternatively, you can click on the "Edit" button next to the opportunity to access its details.
  3. In the opportunity details page, locate the status field, which typically displays the current status of the opportunity.
  4. Click on the status field to open the dropdown menu and select the desired status from the available options (Open, Won, Lost, or Abandoned).
  5. Confirm the status change, and the opportunity will be updated accordingly in the sales pipeline.

Option 2:

Drag the opportunity card to the right status which appears as soon as the card is dragged.

Drop it on the status which you want to update the card to. 

The status of the card will be updated and will reflect on the card.