Trigger links are a great way to pivot off a "click" within an SMS or Email. When a trigger link is clicked the system will attribute the click to the contacts activity timeline as well as trigger a predetermined action or a workflow 

Please Note:

Trigger links are supported in SMS and Email ONLY. 


Covered in this article

Trigger links in Workflows

Trigger links in Campaigns

Trigger Link How-to's


If you would like to see the continued setup for this workflow please check out:

How to use the Workflow Wait step for a Trigger link Click


Trigger Link How-to's

This is great if you're running promotions monthly or quarterly and wanted to use the same workflow. Simply update your custom value URL to point to your new "offer URL" and the system will dynamically update the trigger link. 

Please Note:

- This will not retroactively affect any previous link URLs from past campaigns.

- When setting up your workflow please make sure to add the "trigger link" to your SMS or Email message body. Placing the "Custom Value" in the message body will not "fire" the trigger link when clicked.

In this video, we cover how to use a "wait" step action within a workflow to trigger the next step based on a trigger link click. The workflow used in this can be found in your workflow library as "Recipe - Appointment Confirmation + Reminder + Survey + Review Request" 

Please Note:

By default the SMS carriers have prebuilt opt-out keywords like ['STOP', 'STOPALL', 'UNSUBSCRIBE', 'CANCEL', 'END', 'QUIT']. When these keywords are used the lead/ contact will automatically be unsubscribed. 

To opt back-in the lead/ contact will need to respond "Start".


How do I brand my trigger links?

To set up your API domain to show your agency domain, please click here: Setting up my agency API Domain.

Currently, you cannot set each location/subaccount to have its own API domain. You can add one domain that will be shared across all locations/ sub-accounts.

How do I find the contacts' activity timeline?

Click on contacts > Smartlist > search for the contact > Click on 'activity'