To reduce the time and effort that goes through in Cancelling Yext Subscriptions, we have made it easier for our users. With the Automated Cancellations, users gain the ability to effortlessly initiate cancellations for Yext listings directly through our platform. This feature helps users to cancel Yext directly from our platform, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free experience. The Automated Yext Cancellation is only applicable for users who have submitted the Yext form 30 days prior to Cancellation. 

Guide on how to Initiate Yext Cancellations

Step 1: Access the Edit Listings Information Button

  • Go to Your Sub-Account and navigate to Reputation Management  -> Listings. In the Listings page click on the Edit Listings Information Button on Top Right.

Step 2: Navigate to Manage Listings Tab

  • Under the Edit Listings Information page, navigate to Manage Listings tab and click on Cancel Yext Listings on the Bottom Left

Step 3: Confirm by providing the reason for Cancellation

  • A pop-up opens to confirm the Location details for Cancellation. Once confirmed, proceed to give the valid reason for your Yext Cancellation and Confirm. Your Yext Listings will be automatically cancelled in the backend
    • You will receive a Pop-up saying the cancellation is Successful as shown below:

    What to do when Yext Cancellation Fails?

  • In an event when the Cancellation fails, you will get an error message as shown below. In such cases, please raise a cancellation request with the support team.

    NOTE: YEXT Cancellation is only applicable for those locations, who have submitted the form 30 days prior to initiating the cancellation request