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We're delighted to unveil a major upgrade to our Template Library, enabling Agencies to effortlessly share templates with one another. This enhancement is crafted to simplify collaboration, foster creativity, and promote the exchange of best practices within our user community.
How Agency A Can Share a Template with Agency B?

  • Access Template Library: Navigate to the Template Library in the Admin view.
  • Choose Template to Share: Select the desired template.
  • Generate Shareable Link: Click on the "Share" option to create a unique link associated with the selected template.
  • Edit Access Settings: Tailor access settings as needed.
  • Share the Link: Copy the generated link and securely share it with Agency B via email, messaging, or any preferred channel.

How Agency B Can Import the Template?:face_with_monocle:

  • Receive Shareable Link: Agency B will receive the shared link.
  • Direct Import: Use the URL directly and accept the template import.
  • Click on Import Template to add it to your library
Security Note: :unlock: Please update access settings via the Share option to keep your templates secure. Exercise caution when sharing the link to control who can access it.

Important Note: 
Only Agency Admins can create shareable links.