In terms of making your Zapier public, the steps are listed below. This process can take 3-6 weeks minimum and will only start once a payment has been received. Please contact the WhiteLabel Account Manager Derrick to continue making your WhiteLabel Zap public.  Thank you!

Here is the Process: (Process takes 3-6 weeks minimum)

* We need to set up the API for the client - Technical Team involvement

* We need to initial trigger and actions to remove the errors - Product Team involvement

* The zaps go for review - 2 weeks max

* Post-approval, we need to fill the form and create 10 zap templates - Product Team involvement

* User needs to get 50 live users on public zap (No timeline), until then it stays in beta and visible to the public.

Pricing Breakdown:

- Zapier Whitelabel App is $50/mo

- Whitelabel App & Zapier is $1491 per quarter or $4970 per year