What does the different funnel/website versions mean?

In October of 2021, we introduced an upgrade to page builders (Websites & Funnels) that affected the way they interact with products. 

Pages built before this date will not be labeled but are considered Version 1. Pages built after October, 2021 are labeled "Version 2" (see image above). 

For those who recently joined us, you will only see version 2. Rest assured you're on the fastest and newest version (V2). How to upgrade a Version 1 page to Version 2?

Lets dive into main differences both below

Version 1 pages are built on the original system builder. The main differences is V2 comes with a few extra features:


  • One step order form

  • All sales transactions will be shown in the "Payments tab" within your system

  • Digital products are now created in the payments section and then applied to the order form on the website/funnel step

1. You can import products from stripe

2. Create new product(s) that can then be applied to the order form on the website/ funnel step.


How do I upgrade a Version 1 page to Version 2?

You can do this by clicking on "copy"

First select your location or up to 3 other locations. 

Once you have selected a location the "Clone Funnel" button (blue outline in image below) will be highlighted and clickable. 

Hit the "Clone" button and that's it, your website/funnel has been upgraded.