How To Trigger Actions In HighLevel When A New Lead Or Sale Is Generated

1. Create a new Zap in Zapier and name it "New Affiliate Lead". This will be the Zap that fires each time someone clicks your affiliate link and opens a HighLevel trial.

2. For the first step, choose "Webhooks by Zapier" with the Trigger Event set to "Catch Hook"

3. Click Continue then copy the webhook URL Zapier gives you

4. Open a new email and enter into the 'To' field. In the body of the email, copy and paste the text below:

I would like webhooks activated for my affiliate link.
My New Lead webhook is: [paste the webhook from step 3]
My New Customer webhook is: [you'll get this in step X]

5. Click Continue on your Zap until you see the Test Trigger button

6. Create a second Zap, repeating steps 1 - 5 but name the second Zap "New Affiliate Customer".

7. Add the second webhook into your email after "My New Customer webhook is:", send the email and wait for a reply from the HighLevel Support Team confirming that your webhooks have been set.

8. Wait until you generate a new lead and a new customer, then return to these Zaps and hit the Test Trigger buttons, which will pull in the sample data from your new lead/customer, enabling you to complete the setup of your zaps. There is no way to test/complete these zaps until you actually generate at least one lead/customer after having generated the webhooks.

9. Scroll to Step 2 of your Zap, click the Action step, search & select HighLevel, then choose the event you'd like to happen in HighLevel whenever you generate a new affiliate lead such as "Add To Campaign, Add To Workflow, Add/Update Contact, etc.)

10. Click Continue and select the HighLevel sub-account you want the action to take place in

11. Click Continue and setup the detail fields within your zap using the information that was pulled from your webhook.

12. Click Continue, test the zaps, then activate the zaps. Once the zaps are active, your webhooks will be live and your next affiliate leads/customers will process through your zaps!