Affiliate Management is accessible within each sub-account. Here's a concise overview of how the Affiliate Manager functions:

  1. Affiliate Registration: Affiliates sign up for the program and receive unique tracking IDs.
  2. Promotion of Products: Affiliates actively promote the merchant's products through various marketing channels.
  3. Tracking Referrals: Unique tracking links are utilized to attribute leads and sales to specific affiliates accurately.
  4. Commission Calculation: The program automatically calculates commissions based on predefined commission structures.
  5. Payment and Reporting: Affiliates seamlessly receive their commissions and have the ability to track their performance through detailed reporting.

What is the New Affiliate Sales Trigger?

The New Affiliate Sales trigger is designed as a centralized mechanism to capture all successful sales by Affiliates, encompassing one-time purchases, recurring transactions, and manual sales. This trigger facilitates customer segmentation, task automation, process streamlining, and prompt responses to real-time customer transactions, contributing to efficient and effective affiliate sales management.

How does the Affiliate Sales Trigger works in Workflow?

1. Go to Automations > Workflows
2. Create New Workflow from scratch or select any other workflow from the list.
3. Add the trigger with Add Affiliate Sales

4. Trigger name can be renamed of your choice

5. User can select the relevant Campaign

What are some excellent use cases for this?

1. Congratulatory Email/SMS to the Affiliate

  • Benefit: Fosters a positive affiliate experience, boosting morale and encouraging continued engagement. Affiliates feel acknowledged and appreciated, leading to increased loyalty and higher performance.

2. Notification Email/SMS to the Customer

  • Benefit: Enhances customer satisfaction and engagement by acknowledging their purchase promptly. Customers feel valued, creating a positive post-purchase experience and potentially increasing customer retention.

3. Add Customer Tag for Segmentation

  • Benefit: Enables targeted marketing efforts by automatically categorizing customers based on their purchase behavior. This segmentation allows for personalized communication, improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

4. Add Notes and Tasks for Customer

  • Benefit: Enhances customer relationship management by providing a centralized platform for tracking post-sale interactions. Notes and tasks help in creating a comprehensive customer profile, enabling better-informed decisions and improved customer service.

By leveraging the "New Affiliate Sales" trigger for these use cases, businesses can create a more streamlined and personalized experience for both affiliates and customers, ultimately driving increased performance and satisfaction.