A new and exciting feature has been introduced in the funnel/website builder, known as the "Video Background." This feature allows users to seamlessly incorporate captivating video backgrounds into their website sections, rows, and columns. It enhances the visual impact, storytelling potential, and design flexibility of web pages and funnels. This feature supports HTML5 standard video formats, including MP4 and WebM, ensuring compatibility across various browsers and devices. You can include video backgrounds in section, rows, columns.


How to enable video background in section

Select the section. On the right hand side in settings, change the BG media type to Video and select the video from media library. Click the Preview icon to see how the page looks in your browser.

Video Options

There are 3 options available for video options.

"Fit," "Fill," and "Cover" are options that allow you to control how the video background is displayed within a section, row, or column. These options determine how the video is scaled or cropped to fit the available space. Here's an explanation of each option:


When you choose the "Fit" option for your video background, the video is scaled to fit within the designated area while maintaining its aspect ratio. This means that the entire video will be visible, but there may be empty space (letterboxing) around the video if the aspect ratio of the video doesn't match the aspect ratio of the container. This option is ideal when you want the entire video to be visible, and you don't want any part of it to be cropped.


"Fill" is an option where the video is scaled to fill the entire designated area, even if it means cropping or stretching the video to do so. This means that the video will cover the entire background area, but it may not maintain its original aspect ratio. Some parts of the video may be cropped out to ensure it covers the entire background space. This option is useful when you want to ensure that the background is completely covered, even if it results in some parts of the video being cut off.


The "Cover" option is a balance between "Fit" and "Fill." In this case, the video is scaled to cover the entire designated area while maintaining its aspect ratio. The video will completely cover the background space, but it will not be stretched or cropped. This ensures that the entire video is visible, and there is no distortion, but there may be some empty space around the video if the aspect ratio doesn't perfectly match the container's aspect ratio. "Cover" is a good choice when you want to maximize the use of the background space without distorting the video.

Background Opacity


When "None" is selected or applied, it means there is no background opacity or transparency. The background is fully opaque, completely blocking any content or elements behind it. This option is useful when you want the background to be solid and fully visible, without any elements behind it showing through.

Light Fade:

"Light Fade" introduces a subtle level of transparency to the background. It makes the background slightly see-through, allowing the content or elements behind it to show through, though the background remains largely visible. This effect is often used to create a delicate, soft, or understated background that complements the content without overpowering it.

Half Fade:

"Half Fade" implies that the background is partially transparent, with a 50% opacity level. This means that the content or elements behind the background are clearly visible but still somewhat obscured by the background. "Half Fade" can be used to strike a balance between a prominent background and the content, offering a moderate level of visual separation.

Heavy Fade:

"Heavy Fade" involves a significant level of transparency, with the background being almost see-through. The content or elements behind the background are prominently visible, and the background serves as a subtle backdrop rather than a dominant feature. This option is often chosen when you want to de-emphasize the background and prioritize the content or elements it overlays.

Video Loop

When the video loop toggle is "on," the video in the background plays continuously, automatically restarting when it reaches the end. This provides a seamless and engaging experience.

When the video loop toggle is "off," the video plays once and stops at the end of its playback. This is suitable for non-repeating video content or brief introductions.